Breaking your own Records!

It started when I was in Class V.  The scores used to  be great but somewhere English always let me down. So I started to think what’s exactly the issue with me that all the sections are scored high except the grammar one. Soon came the PTM,  my favourite teacher then Mrs. Rita Sahni had a word with my father. She said that your daughter is brilliant but she needs to brush up her grammar.  Later that day during dinner, my dad sat with me and explained on how can I improve my grades in English.  This seemed really tedious in the starting,  I was assigned to write dairy entry on a daily basis and read newspaper.  Adding to it,  was to find meanings of newly found words. Initially I read news but then I focussed my attention only towards writing. The diary used to be checked every other day by my father and he used to rectify mistakes in the same.  And believe it or not, slowly and steadily my grades improves. From 28 to 30 on 33, it only kept on soaring and slowly came the day when I started scoring the highest in my class.

This practice helped me a lot not only it improved my writing skills and grammar, it helped me in creating memories of my good spend times with friends and family. Now at the age of 26 when I read my old diaries, it gives me a smile on my face.

I almost forgot to share one very important incident, when I was appearing for my first Boards Exam, my full focus was on  English. I wanted to score 90 but due to one stupidity, I ended up getting only 82. It almost made me heartbroken. But the results made me mature and I decided that I will change the same and will score 90 after 2 years. Yes, finally came 12th and I hardly practiced, you heard it correct.  Since I had a deadly combination of PCMB I couldn’t focus on English but since my determination was strong,  the paper went well and that little practice before the exams showed great results. Finally, I scored dot 90. I’m still happy about breaking my own records. Something that I started at the age of 12 gave me a reward around 18. So do focus on your goals.

It’s never late because you never know when can your luck outshine you!