Some movies leave an imprint

On 5th July, 2019; me and Garima while sitting in our cubicles made a sudden plan. It was to watch the recently released flick, Article 15 starring Ayushman Khurrana. While chit chatting about the same, two of my other friends joined me as well. So, during recess I booked four tickets at a not so classy movie hall, Dharma Palace, Noida. N5, N6, N7 and N8 Audi 2, were our seats. The show was for 5 p.m. So, finally the time came, we reached the destination well before our slot and got seated. The 2 hour flick was based on100

Motivation- Do what you love!

We have heard so many life changing experiences on social media, news feed; so here am I sharing one of mine’s that I encountered view days back. And let me be very clear, motivation can come in any form, be it your dramatics, colouring or even cooking a pie. That day, I was going through Times Of India at sharp 7 a.m. while eating my breakfast amidst the hurry to reach office. Suddenly, I came through a section where there was a description about a 22 year old lad telling about his mother who was into her late 50’s. The100

Oh my Dearest Mom

You grew up but for her you will always will be her sweet little baby That’s how motherly love is You started going to school but she kept looking at the clock to strike 2 That’s how motherly love is You went to college but she was worried that you never get into trouble That’s how motherly love is You started going to office but she was busy preparing your favourite dish That’s how motherly love is Now that you have matured enough You shout over her over petty stuffs but she remains calm, wipes her tear alone and kisses100


Well what exactly is friendship! What is that binds two people together or their souls together without any expectations or gain, so let me tell you this is what is referred to as the purest form of love called Friendship. It’s really an essential part of one’s life whether one is at school, office, college or sitting free at home during old time. I still remember when I was in class 3rd, a new girl entered in the class and my class teacher, Ritu appointed me to help her out. I was so elated over this opportunity that I got100

You will always be this close to my heart

Always in my heart

In your own sweet ways You will always be this close to my heart In your own ignorance You will always be this close to my heart. No mater where you go No matter do we talk or not You will always be this close to my heart It’s said people come for a purpose I don’t know what was yours Though I know one thing You gave me some very beautiful memories You gave me a decade That I lived in a few months In your own small talks In your own childish behaviour You will always be this100

My First Official Trip

I was hardly given permission to travel since school days. I remember exactly, when I was in Class VI, Nupur my best friend kept on asking me that why I’m not going and I had nothing much to say other than that I cannot go. At that time, a trip was being organized for Agra. Sadly, I never went to that place and adding to the pain were the upcoming updates that my friend gave post the trip. Then there were few more trips, some were inside India and few were for abroad as well. But I went to none.100